Tharg - the alien editor of legendary British comic 2000AD has been kind enough to allow to post some of my scripts up here.

The pitch for my Future Shock Downloan

The full script for my Future Shock Downloan

The script for a future shock (starring a possibly familiar writer) called Time is the Only Enemy

The pitch for the first episode of The Ghostship Mathematica

The script for the first episode of The Ghostship Mathematica

I also have a page on the site dedicated to my recent story The Ghostship Mathematica.

Micro Fiction - Elephant Words

Last year I wrote for a website called Elephant Words. Every Sunday an image goes up and then, throughout the following week, a rotor of writers use it as inspiration to create a short piece of fiction. Here are links to some favourites from my tenure:

The Wisdom of Uncle Sammy


Scary Girl in the Shop

Burn Maybe Burn

The Shifting Box

Koan of the Space Buddha


Draft – New Miniseries (No Title Yet)

She’s Only Nine

A Tweet in the Tale

Defenders of ???

Last Will and Testament

How to type a photo of me wearing a Superman t-shirt three years ago at a Halloween party at my house

Help (as written on the 2312 to Upper Strangwich last Friday night on the way home from Claire’s party)

Prime Number$

Space Rabbi

Once Upon a Time

Short Bow Hunter

New Granny

TV Chef

Escape Real Life Through Use of Artificial Environments

Hollywood Star – Live Tonight!



Stay tuned for some Red Thorn scripts and other assorted misc.