David Baillie leaps out of bed every morning burning with the fire of youthful enthusiasm.

He is a writer and artist whose work regularly appears in legendary British comics 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine as well as Vertigo in the US. He's also written and drawn for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Penguins of Madagascar, MEGA!, Horrible Histories, Comics International and Zombies and Robots. His stories have been translated into almost a dozen languages.

His screenwriting has been nominated for a BAFTA/Rocliffe Award and shortlisted for the hotly-contested Red Planet Prize and the BBC Scotland Writes Drama Competition and he recently worked with the prestigious Ragdoll Productions on a couple of television projects.


David Baillie is the writer of the Vertigo series Red Thorn, as announced at San Diego ComicCon.

A dark fantasy set in modern day Glasgow, it pillages Scottish mythology and tortures an intriguing cast of characters - one of whom, Thorn, is a recently-freed pagan Demi-God.

Drawn by one of the best comic artists in the western world, Meghan Hetrick, with colours by Nick Filardi and letters provided by industry legend Todd Klein, every issue and collection of Red Thorn is wrapped in a Choong Yong cover to die for.

Red Thorn is collected in two gorgeous paperback editions, Glasgow Kiss and Mad Gods and Scotsmen and is available in all good bookshops right now. (Also at all the usual online retailers but please support your local book and comic shops!)

"Vivid 21st century pop occultism, redolent and ripe with the romance and horror of prime Vertigo."

Kieron Gillen

"Equal parts folklore, horror and post-millennial noir. The Mona Lisa of the Vertigo renaissance - assuming the Mona Lisa bites, curses, screws around and has a Scottish accent."

Mike Carey

"A brilliant example of a talented creative team working with a synchronicity that you wouldn't normally expect from the debut issue in a series"

Graphic Policy

"The pacing remains immaculate here, with all of the separate storyline threads being given ample time to breathe, and the overall effect being a truly engaging world that you can't help but want to immerse yourself in."

Big Comic Page

"This book is amazing. The plot is definitely something that draws you in from the start... and I'm a huge fan of Meghan Hetrick's work. If you're a fan of mythology (even if it isn't Scottish mythology) and gutsy, gorgeous main characters who are about to wind up way over their heads in the consequences from bad decisions, consider checking out Red Thorn #1!"

Word of the Nerd


Wandering Soul sees the return of one of 2000 AD's favourite characters, Marlon Shakespeare - aka. Chopper. David will be joined by Brendan McCarthy (Mad Max: Fury Road) on art duties and the saga begins autumn 2018. Read all about it here.

2018 Appearances

October 26-28 MCM Expo, London
October 4-7 New York Comicon, NYC
June 9 CeCAF
May 4-5 Portsmouth Comicon

2017 Appearances

February 11 2000 AD's 40th birthday celebration
August 22 Edinburgh International Book Festival
November 18 Kilmarnock ComiCon

2016 Appearances

June 18 CeCAF
July 2 - 3 Glasgow Comic Con
July 15-17 Shrewsbury International
Comic Art Festival
Oct 5-8 New York ComiCon

What people are saying...

Ever changing, always trying something new and different. A great artist making great stories.

Richard Bruton - Forbidden Planet Blog

There are some huge talents out there. I love what David Baillie is doing, for example.

Mike Carey

A talented storyteller capable of creating convincing and well-realised worlds.

TRS2 - The Review Site

A talent to watch for the future.


Baillie's storytelling ability never misses.


One of my favourite cartoonists

Ed Kaye - Hypergeek

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