Nice things said by nice people about me or my work.

Id recommend checking out his work for yourselves. Ever changing, always trying something new and different. A great artist making great stories.

Richard Bruton, The Forbidden Planet blog

Despite being conceived as a "gap comic" project... David Baillie's Mindy / Pool is no throwaway mini-comic. Rather, it offers two charming vignettes... which exhibit a melancholy humanity with a deftness of touch barely hinted at by its deliberately simplistic graphic style.

Steve Green, TRS2 on Mindy/Pool

There are some huge talents out there. I love what David Baillie is doing, for example.

Mike Carey when asked about the UK scene in a recent interview

British mini-comics whiz Baillie has one foot in alt comics and another in the action-adventure mainstream... The minimalist MINDY POOL is the best excursion into existential depression I've read in recent memory, and JUST WHO IS... DAVID BAILLIE? paradoxically redeems the amazingly boring alt autobiographical subgenre by reducing it to well-drawn resume. (For all the simplicity of his drawings, Baillie has a real facility with body language.)

Steven Grant in his Permanent Damage column for comicbookresources.com

A talented storyteller capable of creating convincing and well-realised worlds.

TRS2 - The Review Site

Anything by David Baillie and anything by Sean Azzopardi, two unsung and very talented writers.

Bugpowder's Matthew Badham when asked for comics he'd recommend to newcomers to comics on the Forbidden Planet Blog.

Very well written... Captures modern life in a post millennium world in a very accurate way.

silverbulletcomicbooks.com on Awkward Fascination

This is a thinker's product... Kwot is a story that has slipped inside my brain and won a place in my heart.

Redeye Magazine on KWOT

Sharp, scary and surprising. Yeah, this is how I like my fantasy served up.

Mike Carey (X-Men, Hellblazer) on Tongue of the Dead

A talent to watch for the future.


Powerful and intelligent - one of the best buys of the weekend!

Judge Dredd Megazine on The Indiscriminate Device

The most perfectly paced comic I have ever read, and hilarious. Secret of good comedy? David Baillie knows

Oli Smith (Hazy Thursday) on Mindy/Pool

The thing that's most impressive about the story is the way you constantly surprised and engaged me. I didn't foresee where the story was going at any time, which is rare in a piece of genre fiction and rarer still that you constantly confounded my expectations and made me care about the characters.

Jaspre Bark (2000AD, Doctor Who, Viz, Warhammer, Spear of Destiny) on Tongue of the Dead #2

If I had to choose someone from the whole of the small press to back me in a fist fight, it would definitely be David Baillie.

Matthew Badham - Redeye