* The Forbidden Planet Blog

The best place to find news, interviews and opinion pieces about UK comics - especially the indie scene which gets very little coverage elsewhere!

* The Comics Reporter

Tom Spurgeon's comics news blog. One of the best places on the web to discover new artists as he has fabulous taste. Tom knows the score.

* Bleeding Cool

Comics' own gossip rag. It's actually a great place for the latest news and occassional spotlight on stuff you might not hear about otherwise.

* The MOMB Podcast

Nic and the guys chat weekly about comics stuff and it's always entertaining.


* Comedian's Comedian - Podcast

Absolutely essential comedy podcast, in which Stuart Goldsmith interviews other comedians about process, comedy theory and life philosphy.

People who've helped me pay the rent

* 2000AD

The Galaxy's Greatest Comic!

* Ragdoll

Producers of some of the most memorable children's television of the last twenty years - like In The Night Garden and The Teletubbies.

* firstsite

Colchester's incredible visual arts centre and organisation.